Je t'aime, ma petite chardonneret

I love you, my little goldfinch

29 August 1988
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Hi, my name is Brooke. / I love my boyfriend Lego. / About me, myself: / I'm 5'2, 100lbs. / I have blondish/bronze/ brown hair (recently dyed) and storm blue eyes. / I'm a Senior at Stall high./ I would say my fashion style is a little punk-rockish. / Currently my favorite actor is the amazing Norman Reedus (the only man alive who could be named "Norman" and still be a badass)/ I'm very open to many things. / My friends tease me cuz people tend to think I'm gay. / I don't have a problem with that. / I'm not but I beilive that beautiful is beautiful regardless of gender. / I'm a bit of a flirt but everyone knows I don't mean anything by it. / I want to be a model/stay at home mom/ night club consiare/ psychiatrist for the clinically insane./ I'm not sure which one I'm going to pick yet./ Whatever I do, it'll be great./ I have alot of self confidence./ I see myself as a protector (dominant)./ There are very few people that I really let in and let see me be weak (submissive)./ I say what I think./ I can sugar coat to hell./ Most the time I prefer to tell it strait./ In all honesty, I'M A BITCH (but its for your own good)./ There I don't really smoke or drink and I definatly don't do drugs. / But I woulnd't say I'm a straitedge. / I hate people who copy me. / I hate people who are sheep. / I hate people who hate me. / Otherwise, I'm cool with pretty much everyone. / I have lots of friends but I wouldn't say I'm popular. / I'm stubborn, strong willed, independant, talkitive, outgoing, friendly, and quirky. / I'm me, and if you don't like it, you can leave. / Oh and no stalkers please. / I have enough of those already. /
Ma Petite Chardonneret means "My Little Goldfinch" in French....

I wont lie this is copied directly from my Myspace page lol.

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